Moving to Onedrive Per machine mode in intune

The Onedrive Per Machine install is the future recommended method of Microsoft to install and deploy Onedrive for Business.

Especially in multi-user / shared computer scenario’s Onedrive is much faster in Per Machine mode.

Here is a quick tutorial on deploying Onedrive in Per Machine mode to your Windows 10 Intune / MDM users, keep in mind:

  • no user interaction is required
  • updates etc still work in the same manner
  • existing data/accounts are adopted automatically
  1. Start by downloading the latest Onedrive.exe from Microsoft to e.g. C:\temp\Onedrive Per Machine\Source
  2. Download the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe from Microsoft
  3. Doubleclick IntuneWinAppUtil.exe
  4. Follow the prompts, e.g.:
  5. Create a new Windows App (win32) in Intune under Client apps and configure ‘Program’ as follows:
    1. Install command: OnedriveSetup.exe /allusers
    2. Uninstall command: OnedriveSetup.exe /uninstall
    3. Install behavior: System
  6. Configure Requirements as follows:
    • 32-bit is, btw, also fine if you for some reason have 32 bit W10 machines
  7. Manually configure your detection rule as follows:
    • If you intend to manually patch (which I don’t recommend), make sure you actually check the precise version here

12. Deploy Ben’s script to further speed up Onedrive Setup/Startup

13. Deploy to all computers in your environment 🙂

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19 days ago

For some reason Intune refuse to install the OneDrive app as a required device app. The OneDrive app installation during the autopilot enrollment process just hangs untill it times out.If i push out the same OneDrive application after the enrollment is completed and the user is at the desktop, then it works. But that is not ideal. I want the per-machine installation to be completed before the user logs in for the first time.

1 year ago

It has worked on Hybrid AD joined device with co-management and client apps workload transferred to Intune, but it is not working on Azure AD joined windows 10 and Azure AD registered Windows 10

Will Jones
1 year ago

Hi, this doesn’t work when deploying from intune. Not sure if somethings changed. Intune cant intall the winapp

1 year ago

How does this work with updates to OneDrive coming out?
Will OneDrive continue to update itself after installation?


[…] This script assumes you’ve already Configured Onedrive to automatically log the user in and I strongly recommend to run Onedrive in Per Machine Mode for faster config. […]