Programmatically creating an azure runas account with your automation account

As there is no ARM feature in Azure yet to provision an automation runas account when provisioning automation accounts, I had to code something up to do this on the fly while we’re waiting for a Uservoice article to get prioritized.

Use my script in your pipeline to automatically provision a RunAs account. Note, the account credentials you use there should not be MFA protected or it will fail to log in.

Duplicate AzureAD Device Cleanup

When you swap a device by reimaging or reinstalling, the Hardware ID stays the same. This results in multiple Device Entries in Azure AD and causes issues with Conditional Access as Intune thinks the older version isn’t actually compliant even though Intune just has 1 record.

Most methods (such as Nicola’s) to combat this is by cleaning up stale devices in Azure AD based on their last Active Date. However, the downside of this method is that it may touch devices which weren’t duplicates, just dormant during, e.g. a vacation. Additionally, a bug in AzureAD can cause the older duplicate’s active date to be updated instead of the correct device.

The following script detects duplicates based on the Hardware ID and registration date instead and disables all but the most recent entry. It can supplement stale device removal based on Last Activity.

Note: only works for Windows registered devices.

Git: disable-duplicateAzureAdDevices.ps1