O365Datacleaner released

The first public version of the O365Datacleaner has been released.

This script can make any given path to a folder/fileshare fully compliant with Onedrive for Business or Sharepoint Online standards, without user interaction. Including path depth resolution and intelligent renaming or moving of files and folders.

A bulk version of this tool is available for free upon request and will also be posted later.

Onedrivemapper v2.27 released!

Version 2.27 of OneDriveMapper has been released.

  • Default sharepoint example wasn’t filtered correctly
  • Added urlOpenAfter parameter to automatically open a predefined webpage after running
  • Detection of ProtectedMode group policy settings that could cause the mapping to fail
  • Slightly improved the ADFS redirect
  • Added DisplayErrors parameter, which will show the user a visual popup of any failure details.

Get the new version here