Onedrivemapper v2.27 released!

Version 2.27 of OneDriveMapperĀ has beenĀ released.

  • Default sharepoint example wasn’t filtered correctly
  • Added urlOpenAfter parameter to automatically open a predefined webpage after running
  • Detection of ProtectedMode group policy settings that could cause the mapping to fail
  • Slightly improved the ADFS redirect
  • Added DisplayErrors parameter, which will show the user a visual popup of any failure details.

Get the new versionĀ here

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8 years ago

Does this work with ADFS 2? We have a skinned sign-in page and I’ve updated the variables but it keeps failing on the login function “Script was unable to find browser controls…”. Any ideas?

8 years ago

Having issues with ADFS redirects, the scrips attempts to trigger a redirect to ADFS… but we do not have ADFS platform.

Can I disable ADFS? it does not seem to prompt me for password to enter.

Frank Voortman
Frank Voortman
8 years ago

Hi Jos,

I do a try out with your drivemapper on Windows 7 machines. For some users we loose their connection. Then we need to discconnect / logout / login again (which runs the script) and then it works.

This does not happen for all users. Any idea what might cause this behavior?