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GroupSync v0.56 available!

Version 0.56 is out, changes since v0.50:

  • prevent running twice (if scheduled task hangs for some reason)
  • send email notification if logfile is locked
  • replace add-adgroupmember and remove-adgroupmember with set-adgroup because of a known bug in these commands
  • multi-delete protection
  • auto reconnect to Exchange Online when the connection times out + longer timeout
  • additional filtering method for groups: extensionAttribute2
    • If you want to use this instead of the displayName prefix filter, read up on how to switch

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O365GroupSync v0.50 available!

Version 0.50 is out, changes:

  • fixed a bug in using the wrong smtp prefix when searching
  • removed log spam about skipped inactive accounts
  • set managedBy after creating all groups
  • extra mail parameters to allow configuration of WHEN emails are sent (e.g. only in case of errors)
  • send error mail when log file is locked
  • reconnect to ExO each caching action
  • overwrite instead of add primary smtp
  • set mailNickName and legacyExchangeDN values when creating AD group so the group isn’t invisible in the legacy exchange console

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O365GroupSync v0.43 available!

Version 0.43 is out, changes:

  • Better nesting of groups if they get created together (due to re-caching)
  • 3x faster performance during comparison of members in a full sync
  • .NET streamwriter vs Add-Content logging (to prevent missing log entries when the filesystem is slow)
  • Changed the differential switch to ‘do a differential’ instead of ‘do only a differential’
  • Added the full switch
  • Allow X500 proxy addresses to sync

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O365GroupSync v0.37 is out!

Version 0.37 is out, changes:

  • AD group selection filter
  • Automatic version check
  • Replaced Compare-Object to increase performance
  • Replaced searchExO function to increase performance loading groups from O365
  • Enhanced ExO caching (100+x faster)
  • Optionally ignore disabled accounts (parameter)
  • Categorised logging (| seperator in logfile)
  • Bugfixes

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