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O365GroupSync v0.27

Version 0.27 (still beta) is out, changes:

  • authorized Senders are now kept in sync between O365 and AD
  • further improved performance greatly
  • added display of progress and estimated time left when caching
  • automatically fix AD groups without displayName
  • changed logic to create all groups first before adding members (for nested groups not yet created)

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O365GroupSync v0.24

Version 0.24 (still beta) is out, changes:

  • now also sets the authorized senders correctly upon first seeding of the groups, won’t keep this in sync yet!
  • fixed a bug in initial seeding of groups if only O365 had groups
  • improved AD caching with only relevant attributes instead of *

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O365GroupSync beta release

O365GroupSync is a tool that I am building for a large global NGO, because AADConnect creates Read-Only objects in Office 365.test

Read-Only objects cannot be edited in Office 365, thus users are unable to edit distribution lists in Office 365’s Outlook Web Accress (OWA) even if they are managers of said lists.

O365GroupSync was built to take over the synchronisation and initial seeding of all distribution lists, both ways, to allow users to edit distribution lists while in a hybrid Office 365 Exchange Online scenario, both on premises and in the cloud.

This beta version has been tested, but is not yet running in any production environments.

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