Onedrive ADMX Recommendations

For reference, these are my recommended Intune settings when deploying and/or managing Onedrive for Business.

Create a Device Configuration Profile

Configure the following policy settings:

  1. Allow syncing OneDrive accounts for only specific organizations
  2. Enable OneDrive Files On-Demand
    • Enabled
  3. Silently configure OneDrive using the primary Windows account
    • Enabled
  4. The maximum size of a user’s OneDrive for Business before they will be prompted to choose which folders are downloaded
    • Enabled
    • Linked to your tenant and set to 25 GB (25600MB), in multi-user scenario’s lower this value
  5. Set the default location for the OneDrive folder
    • Disabled
  6. Prevent users from changing the location of their OneDrive folder
    • Enabled
    • Value 1 for your tenant ID
  7. Prevent users from synchronizing personal OneDrive accounts
    • Enabled

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10 months ago

Hi Jos, do we need to implement these settings if we’re already implementing the INVOKE script you created?


[…] script assumes you’ve already Configured Onedrive to automatically log the user in and I strongly recommend to run Onedrive in Per Machine Mode for faster […]