OnedriveMapper v3.14 released!

Version 3.14 of OneDriveMapperĀ has beenĀ released:

  • added an ‘always reset IE cookies’ option
  • completely revamped the way you configure mappings (make sure you read the help in the code!)
  • optionally, map to Network Locations instead of Driveletters (thanks Tom!)
  • Most options are no longer mandatory
  • OnedriveMapper Cloud no longer supported (as announced last year)
  • New and greatly enhanced Folder Redirection functions, including automatic copying of source content
  • Optional client certificate selection based on certificate template name
  • Automatic certificate refresh if no client certificate is present, when using client certificates as auth mode
  • Some bugfixes and major code cleanup
  • Usage of environment variable to determine mapping driveletter removed

As always, make sure to test before deploying to production, I’ve only tested Azure AD and a single ADFS setup.

Get the new versionĀ here

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5 years ago

Fantastic script thanks so much for creating it! Can anyone help advise the settings I need to change to map to Network Locations instead of Driveletters please? I can’t seem to find any notes on which line to ensure it’s a network location and not a drive letter? Any help would be appreciated.

5 years ago

Any chances of this working with azure MFA?