set Intune MDM user scope to ALL using Powershell and hidden API

If you want to change the settings on this page (or most Azure Portal pages) programmatically:

Microsoft’ll tell you to use your browser, there is no API/PS for this yet. As I really hate the answer “no”, I used Fiddler and baked some Powershell:

$context = Get-AzureRmContext
$tenantId = $context.Tenant.Id
$refreshToken = $context.TokenCache.ReadItems().RefreshToken
$body = "grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=$($refreshToken)&resource=74658136-14ec-4630-ad9b-26e160ff0fc6"
$apiToken = Invoke-RestMethod "$tenantId/oauth2/token" -Method POST -Body $body -ContentType 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

$header = @{
'Authorization' = 'Bearer ' + $apiToken.access_token
'Content-Type' = 'application/json'
    'X-Requested-With'= 'XMLHttpRequest'
    'x-ms-client-request-id'= [guid]::NewGuid()
    'x-ms-correlation-id' = [guid]::NewGuid()
$url = ""

$content = '{"objectId":"eab0bcaf-9b2e-4e62-b9be-2eea708422f8","appId":"0000000a-0000-0000-c000-000000000000","appDisplayName":"Microsoft Intune","appCategory":null,"logoUrl":null,"isOnPrem":false,"appData":{"mamEnrollmentUrl":null,"mamComplianceUrl":null,"mamTermsOfUseUrl":null,"enrollmentUrl":"","complianceUrl":"","termsOfUseUrl":""},"originalAppData":{"mamEnrollmentUrl":"","mamComplianceUrl":"","mamTermsOfUseUrl":"","enrollmentUrl":"","complianceUrl":"","termsOfUseUrl":""},"mdmAppliesTo":2,"mamAppliesTo":2,"mdmAppliesToGroups":[],"mamAppliesToGroups":[]}'
Invoke-RestMethod –Uri $url –Headers $header –Method PUT -Body $content -ErrorAction Stop

You can do almost anything using the above snippet and changing the endpoint URL and POST contents. Use Fiddler to capture, then replicate in code 🙂

Be warned and use at your own risk, obviously this method is unsupported.

Edit 2021: I highly recommend using my new MFA-proof independent token function to call the main.iam API.

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[…] Jos Lieben – Set Intune MDM User Scope to All using PowerShell and hidden API […]

4 years ago

Some calls work, other gives “Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: correlationId”

Anthony Iacono
Anthony Iacono
4 years ago

Do you think it is possible to get banned for this? We do the same thing with b2c

Ralph Jansen
5 years ago

Do you know if this api can be called via “client_credentials”? We want to call this api with a service principal. We get the error “AADSTS50058: A silent sign-in request was sent but no user is signed in.”

2 years ago

Hello, I tried to replicate this but got some issues, I can’t find how to get the refresh token. I tried with the new command “Get-AzAccessToken”, but it only returns the access token, and if I try to access the “” endpoint, I get the following error : The audience in the assertion was '' and the expected audience is '' or one of the Application Uris of this application with App ID '74658136-14ec-4630-ad9b-26e160ff0fc6'(ADIbizaUX). The downstream client must request a token for the expected audience (the application that made the OBO request) and this application should use that token as… Read more »