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Intune Client does not appear in console and displays error 0x80070005 when updating

If you want to deploy the Intune Client using a (golden/generalized) image with System Center Configuration Manager or any other tool, make sure you haven’t already installed the Intune Client on that machine and follow the correct procedure.

The Intune Client generates a machine specific certificate in the Personal Store of the machine. This certificate is only valid for that machine. If you then base your image on this machine, all installations using that image will fail, Intune will report error 0x80070005 when trying to update. The full log of Updates.log in c:\Program Files\Microsoft\OnlineManagement\Logs will look like this below log.

EDIT: if you want to ‘reset’ / ‘fix’ the Intune Client with a script / automatically, read here

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Intune supports MSI deployment to auto-enrolled devices!

As of yesterday, Intune now lets us deploy MSI files to (auto) enrolled devices!*

This is another nice step forward into making this product more mature, hopefully in the future we’ll be able to use Intune auto enrollment to manage anything, anywhere, anytime. Until now, managing roaming laptops with Intune was basically useless if you wanted to deploy any type of software outside of the Windows Store.

Some gotcha’s with this improvement:

  • you need a full deployment of SCCM (2012 R2 SP1 CU1)
  • this only works with Windows 10 as target OS
  • only a single MSI file is supported


SCCM Updated for Intune and Windows 10

If you’re using System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and have integrated it with Intune or are planning to pilot Windows 10, this is the time to update your hierarchy!

I’ve been stumped and irritated several times by the flimsy integration between SCCM and Intune, seems I wasn’t the only one. Both products have such a huge potential! With the service pack that was just released, this seems to be changing, read all about it in this blogpost by Microsoft’s Brad Anderson.

And for the techies, this article has a list of all the new features.

Think, before you InTune

Are you considering deploying Intune? Then here are a few things you really need to know:

There is no universal enrollment experience accross devices or OS’es

When you direct your users to your Intune Portal, the portal attempts to detect the OS you’re running. If it detects Windows 7 or 8, it will display a prompt to enroll your device, the user has to download a client and wait for at least an hour, reboot for updates, etc etc. Quite a hassle, not every user will intuitively understand this process.

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