Adding a font to an MSIX

My friends at Advanced Installer have an excellent article (actually the only authority on the subject) describing how to add a font to an MSIX.

However, I kept getting an invalid manifest 0x80080204 error when trying to save the manifest after adding the extension section while creating an MSIX for Visual Studio Code (which needs a specific font or icons won’t show).

I then noticed there was no xmlns link at the top of the package for uap4 🙂

Replace the following in your manifest:

<Package xmlns="" xmlns:uap="" xmlns:uap2="" xmlns:uap3="" xmlns:uap10="" xmlns:rescap="" IgnorableNamespaces="uap uap2 uap3 uap10 rescap">

with this (or just add uap4):

<Package xmlns="" xmlns:uap="" xmlns:uap2="" xmlns:uap3="" xmlns:uap4="" xmlns:uap10="" xmlns:rescap="" IgnorableNamespaces="uap uap2 uap3 uap4 uap10 rescap">

And it should work 🙂

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