Advance notice: OnedriveMapper 5

This August, the 17th to be precise, Microsoft 365 will stop supporting IE 11.

As OnedriveMapper 4.X uses Internet Explorer under the hood, there is a chance that functionality will break.

As Microsoft does not intend to actively block IE 11, there may be some lag until users actually begin experiencing issues with OnedriveMapper 4, and V3 may also continue to work properly as it does not use IE (in native mode).

But to ensure continuity I’ve begun testing with OnedriveMapper 5 using the Edge Webdriver and the WebView2 component.

I’m aiming to release an ‘Edge’ (Chromium) version of OnedriveMapper before August so you have ample time to test and upgrade. As always, this update will be free / open source.

ODM 5 will require Edge Chromium to be present on your endpoints.

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Ali Dodd
Ali Dodd
2 years ago

Hi, This is wonderful work especially as we are using CloudDriveMapper and that has now broken on Server 2012 as it uses IE and that has already stopped working consistently for our users. I’ve tried your script as it has great promise to help us and have a problem with the Edge Driver: “ERROR | Failed to load Edge driver, cannot continue. error details: Method invocation failed because [OpenQA.Selenium.Edge.EdgeDriver] does not contain  a method named ‘new’.” Any ideas? Would love to assist I can with testing, I work for UK university and losing OneDrive drive mapping in citrix is a bit… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Ali Dodd