OnedriveMapper v3.18 released!

Version 3.18 of OneDriveMapper has been released

  • No longer forces PowerShell to use TLS 1.2 by default, but uses opportunistic TLS (if 1.2 doesn’t work, it’ll fall back to 1.1 or 1.0)
  • Auto pick an available driveletter if you set the driveletter of a mapping to ‘autodetect’
  • Recursive group member search (vs just 1 level deep) when mapping based on groups
  • Better retries/error handling when looking up favorited sites

Get the new version here

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Trond Skille
Trond Skille
2 years ago

Hi Jos,
Long time since using this.
Seems to have advanced abit since then. Working great for my tests so far.
Not sure if I follow all your code, but made following change, to make it work better (in our environment) for drive mappings with groups:
$desiredMappings = $desiredMappings | Where-Object {$_.mapOnlyForSpecificGroup -in $groups}
This way, it will proceed only with mappings the user belogs to.

Best regards, Trond

2 years ago

Having an issue playing videos from within the Mapped drive. Is this supported at all?

Michiel van Delft
2 years ago

Hi Jos,
Using your script in production envoirement happily.

One of the users noted that the desktop icon arrangement get’s reset everytime he/she logs out and logs back in.
In the first few seconds, the arragement is shown how it’s should be.
When the script is finished, the arragement switches back to default (A-Z)

Do you know if there is any way to get the arragement to last?

Thanks in advance,

2 years ago

Hi Jos,

Can I add multiple groups in Ver3.18 to one mapping or do I need a separate line for each group?


Hannes Schröck
Hannes Schröck
3 years ago

Hi Jos,

First let me thank you, for this great script. Its making things much easier for me!

Im using OneDrive Mapper Cloud and just want to know, if the new versions after 3.13 are released there as well?

Best regards