Retrieving ALL Azure AD registered applications that Get-AzureRMAdApplication does not return

The Microsoft supplied Get-AzureRMADApplication Powershell cmdlet does not return all applications you can see in the Enterprise Applications and App registrations blades in Azure AD.

In addition, Get-AzureRmAdApplication also does not return information such as:

  • Publisher Name
  • logoUrl
  • tags
  • enabled/disabled status
  • if it is a MicrosoftFirstParty application

So, here’s a custom PS function to help you out:

It requires a special token generated by my get-AzureRMtoken function to log in.

As usual when using unsupported API’s, be careful!

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I get the below error message while trying to run the above scripy. Any ideas please….. At F:\get-azureRMADAllApplications.ps1:36 char:180 + … Applications/$($app.objectId)/Properties?appId=$($app.appId)&loadLogo … + ~ The ampersand (&) character is not allowed. The & operator is reserved for future use; wrap an ampersand in double quotation marks (“&”) to pass it as part of a string. At F:\get-azureRMADAllApplications.ps1:36 char:255 + … go={2}” -Method GET -ErrorAction Stop -ContentType “application/json” + ~ The string is missing the terminator: “. At F:\get-azureRMADAllApplications.ps1:1 char:40 + function get-azureRMADAllApplications(){ + ~ Missing closing ‘}’ in statement block or type definition. + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:) [],… Read more »