OnedriveMapper v3.17 released!

Version 3.17 of OneDriveMapper has been released:

  • Changed the $autoResetIE option to only remove cookies, nothing else to prevent issue with Teams overriding the WebDAV cookie
  • Additional detection method for Teams libraries
  • Support post-ADFS MFA challenge
  • Teams and Sharepoint Icons for shortcuts added
  • Smarted / better redirect handling
  • Support for new sign in method MFA
  • When mapping teams with the same name, don’t overwrite the link but append a digit

Get the new version here

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Mike Barraclough
Mike Barraclough
5 years ago

Hi Jos, Not sure if you’ve had this one before. We’re using the latest beta release for 3.17 you’ve put out today to resolve the issues with favourited sites (which is working great, thank you!), but we’ve found the following behaviour: When launching a document from one of the drives for the first time, it opens without confirming credentials. As soon as you open it a second time, or third, etc etc, it consistently asks you sign in. Due to our single sign on set up, that isn’t too problematic, the user just has to click on their precached email… Read more »

5 years ago

Getting error when setting $autoMapFavoriteSites = $True This was working until yesterday, so I updated to version 3.17 just now. Any idea on how to fix? We are about to roll this out to the company in a couple weeks. The other 3 settings we have are: $autoMapFavoritesMode = “Converged” $autoMapFavoritesDrive = “S” $autoMapFavoritesLabel = “Groups” This is so we can map our O365 Groups into an S drive. The OneDrive is being mapped at drive X with no problem as long as I set $autoMapFavoriteSites = $False Method invocation failed because [System.Int32] does not contain a method named ‘Replace’.… Read more »

Trevor Schulten
Trevor Schulten
5 years ago


I’m using the security group option to map Sharepoint libraries. Everything works great if the user is a direct member of the mapping group. However, if I add a separate security group as a member of the mapping group, none of the associated users can map.

For example, I have MapDrive group. Add “UserA” to the group and it works. If I add the AccountingDept security group to MapDrive group, no one in Accounting maps the library.

Is there a limitation on using nested groups?