OnedriveMapper v3.11 release

Version 3.11 of OneDriveMapper has been released:

  • additional fixes to Microsoft’s new sign in method

Important Auto Update Instructions

This version can only auto-update from a cleanly installed v3.10, lower versions will need to be reinstalled.

New Azure AD Signin experience

In IE mode, the script now redirects to the old experience, this means that IE mode will BREAK once Microsoft enforces the new experience. They have not released a timeline for this.

If I have time, I’ll include support for the new experience, but I highly recommend make sure you’re using Native auth as this is far less likely to be affected.

Get the new version here

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Chris L-M
Chris L-M
6 years ago

Hi Jos,

Just a quick message to say that this release no longer asks for the password when it fails to find the login tiles in IE mode. There are some error messages, but it troops through and maps everything without any further user input. Win.

Thanks for your continued hard work keeping this script updated.

You have reached the golden age of version 3.11 🙂

Anne De Graaf
Anne De Graaf
6 years ago

Hi, I’m unable to map a SharePoint Library with the script. I already asked for help on Technet (Can you delete that entry btw :D). I use the following line. Mapping Onedrive is working great. #####################FOR EACH GROUP YOU WISH TO MAP TO A SHAREPOINT LIBRARY, UNCOMMENT AND REPEAT BELOW EXAMPLE, NOTE: THIS MAY FAIL IF THERE ARE REGEX CHARACTERS IN THE NAME $group = $groups -contains “XXXX” if($group){ ###REMEMBER, THE BELOW LINE SHOULD CONTAIN 2 COMMA’s to distinguish between URL, LABEL and DRIVELETTER $sharepointMappings += “,CPR,P:” log -text “adding a sharepoint mapping because the user is a member of… Read more »

Eric Redegeld
6 years ago

Hi, did you investigate the use of the upcoming teams sites in the onedrive mapper?
The team site when made is visibly in Sharepoint as a Group and contains folders. Whats are your thought
Greetings Eric

6 years ago

I love it!!!! It works great. I am trying to set it up to run silently at login and I found your instructions for setting up bat to run it though. Ive done that and it works fine until I apply it as a gp login script then the powershell window shows. It appears it is being ran with system permissions so it show the window. What am I doing wrong?