OnedriveMapper v3.10 released!

Version 3.10 of OneDriveMapper has been released!

  • handle the new tile / prompt that appears in IE login mode where Microsoft no longer always redirects to the portal
  • Progress bar color is now a configurable option (cloud/non cloud)
  • alphabetic ordering of configs (cloud only)
  • Fixed auto update loop issue where auto update would break itself for subsequent updates.
  • When restarting self (switching auth mode or auto updating) properly hide the console if this was set

Important Auto Update Instructions

If you were using Auto-Update, DO NOT do so for this version. Use the MSI to replace the old version (see last fixed issue).

New Azure AD Signin experience

As some may have read, Microsoft is previewing a potentially disruptive change without advance notice. My tenants don’t yet display the new behavior so I cannot test if OnedriveMapper will be affected. I haven’t heard of any issues yet 🙂

Get the new version here

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Hi Jos, 3.09 stopped working for us this morning, so we are trying to use 3.10, but we get the following error as soon as we try to run: At C:AGILITY1DMapperOneDriveMapper_v3.10.ps1:284 char:32 + function createFavoritesShort� �s�� Missing function body in function declaration. At C:AGILITY1DMapperOneDriveMapper_v3.10.ps1:323 char:5 + } + ~ Unexpected token ‘}’ in expression or statement. At C:AGILITY1DMapperOneDriveMapper_v3.10.ps1:324 char:1 + } + ~ Unexpected token ‘}’ in expression or statement. At C:AGILITY1DMapperOneDriveMapper_v3.10.ps1:1316 char:66 + … “Failed to retrieve user login from cache: $($Er $dateTime.AddDays(5) + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $(subexpression) is missing the closing ‘)’. At C:AGILITY1DMapperOneDriveMapper_v3.10.ps1:607 char:15 + $Source = @” +… Read more »


Hi Jos

Thanks for the update, when using the cloud version and setting it to autoupdate i deletes the string to the config so no drives gets mapped
am i doing something wrong or is this just the way it is ?


Hi Jos,
309 works great until I update to 310 and I got this:
INFO: Waited for 0 seconds for O4b autoprovisioning…
INFO: Waited for 10 seconds for O4b autoprovisioning…
INFO: Waited for 30 seconds for O4b autoprovisioning…
and so on…
It seems like it stuck in a loop.

Chris L-M
Chris L-M

Hi Jos, Thanks for the update! I can confirm that the behaviour in IE mode is much improved for me. However it is still not quite right. Where before the script would ask me to enter my credentials twice and then state that the script had failed (when it hadn’t), now the script errors: “issue while trying to log in during attempt 1”, asks for my password once and errors again with: “issue while trying to log in during attempt 2”, then without any further input, “login detected, login function succeeded, final url:” and it maps everything fine. It… Read more »