Onedrive Files On Demand is finally coming!

I’ve been ‘mentioning’ it a few times here and there, wasn’t allowed to say too much….but now it is finally public, coming before the end of the year Onedrive will have a sync on demand feature, no longer requiring local storage on your device!

It will allow all of us OnedriveMapper users to switch to a fully supported Microsoft solution for Windows 10 users.

Quirky thing is, Windows 7 and 2008 / 2012 R2 are not in scope. Possibly another good one to vote on at uservoice 🙂

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I expect this will be a big help for others in the education sector to move to windows 10 or 10 S and deplete local server storage requirements. I just hope they release admin controls to switch off “keep on device” amongst other things.


hopefully they make one for RDSH environments 🙂

Kevin De Schrijver
Kevin De Schrijver

Looks promissing. As always the proof of the pudding will be in the eating I suppose. The feature itself is long overdue but I can see some possible pitfalls. Notably in the ability to be made available off-line. Will we have the policies to disable that feature, or even better to make available off-line on a network drive? If we get all that and a stable product I’ll drop down on my knees…But not before thanking Jos for his excellent work in providing us with a solution until MS got it’s act together.


Sure it might be rolling out in the fall, but like so many things Microsoft it will be full of bugs and who knows what else. Its a step in the right direction I must say.


My name is George, I work in a school based in north London, I have been using your script for quite a while, unfortunately the school wants to go with a google solution for the cloud.

I know that they are from the other side lol, but I was wondering if there is a way that google drive/docs could be mapped in a similar way..