OnedriveMapper v3.06 released!

Version 3.06 of OneDriveMapperĀ has beenĀ released!

  • userLookupMode 6 added, which displays a full and customizable login form to the user which asks for username and password
  • added user login caching for userLookupMode 1 and 2, so the script won’t fail if the user is roaming away from a DC and the login is cached
  • fixed a reference to my test domain in Azure AD PassThrough (
  • fixed a crash when ADFS denies the request in native mode (now properly falls back to IE auth mode if allowed)
  • first basic support for Azure AD SSO

Get the new versionĀ here

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Reta Kneale
4 years ago

I’ve tried everything I can think of and can’t figure out why this is not working! the script executes fine if I run with powershell. the group policy object is applying without errors but the script never executes – I have set delay logon scripts to 1 minute and disabled in default domain policy — no change in behavior – this is on server2016 rds deployment

here’s my gpo setting

Name powershell.exe

Parameters C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe ExecutionPolicy ByPass -WindowStyle Hidden -FILE \rdsmgmtonedrivelogonHB1DRIVE.PS1

Peter Summers
4 years ago

I’m running this script and it works fine when I map V: drive, but if I edit the script to map U: drive instead then the drive is mapped correctly (it’s listed with NET USE, and I can go to it) but it doesn’t display as a drive in Windows Explorer under Computer.

Has anyone else seen this?



4 years ago

1) so does this run on the ‘host’ machine or on the RDS/Citrix client?
2) does this work for Citrix streamed apps?

4 years ago

Testing it now.
We were using version 2.53 before and out of the 10 times login in about 2 or 3 times it wouldn’t connect.
So far this seems to be doing good.
How long should it take on average to have the onedrive connected as a drive? I have not exactly recorded the time but it feels like it takes a minute or so when it’s connecting when logging (still not bad and definitely workable).