OnedriveMapper v2.51, AADConnect SSO workaround

Hi all, I’ve just posted v2.51, which has a workaround for the Preview Version of SSO in Azure AD Connect that some people have reported not working with OnedriveMapper.

It took me a while to reproduce the issue, but v2.51 now works with Azure AD Connect SSO¬†as long as you do not configure the 2 intranet URL’s through GPO. OnedriveMapper will handle the SSO sites in your local intranet for you, and will still prompt the user for a password once and then cache it.

I’ve got a call with Microsoft to assist on why AADConnect SSO does not generate a persistent cookie, so full compatibility may come in the future.


  • detect and log OS and IE version, only check for relevant KB if necessary
  • semi-compatible with Azure AD Connect SSO (bypass)

Get it here

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