Getting the Webdav URL of an Office 365 Group

If you want to map a Sharepoint or Onedrive site to a drive, the required address to use in a net use command for the WebDav client (WebClient) can be found in the URL when you browse to it. This is not the case for Office 365 Groups, but the URL is fairly easy to find.

  1. Make an office 365 group
  2. Browse to the group’s files
  3. Create a folder there
  4. Enter the folder and note the current URL

Let’s say my group is called ‘OnedriveMapper’. If I’m at the root of the group’s files, the URL looks like this:

However, if I enter my folder, the URL changes to this:

So, it seems the default folder name in my tenant is ‘Gedeelde Documenten’, which is Dutch for Shared Documents. Putting the two together gives us the following final URL to map to:

And yes, this works fine with Onedrivemapper 🙂

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Gunter Reinitzer
Gunter Reinitzer
4 years ago

I have tried now every possible combination to get the correct URL for to connect from Linux but I always end up with a HTTP 403. This is also the same for the personal folder in my Office365 account. Is there anything else to consider to get this running?

Brad Ray
Brad Ray
7 years ago

I am trying to setup a solution that selectively syncs files to a laptop. I’m using the service from ODrive to do that. Odrive supports WebDAV but I’m having a hard time figuring out the WebDAV URL that I need to use. I have been able to link other webdav location, but for Office 365 groups I haven’t had any luck.

I used your example above, but was not able to link it using odrive. Do you have any suggestions? If I’m using a WebDAV compliant application (such as WebDrive) what would be the URL? I’m currently trying: