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Recently I wrote a small (login) script to automatically configure the Next Generation Onedrive for Business client with the proper tenant and no user interaction (except for a one-time login). This reduces user impact when migrating to Onedrive for Business.

You can download it here

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Hi Jos, I use your script…it’s work very well..thank you. Very good job. On my case, I ran OneDriveSetup /silent as an admin and then ran your script but i have a question : if onedrive is not configured on the computer, user always have the screen to set up her UPN, then click next (we use ADFS so no password to set) then next to define folder name then next to select file sync…then Ok and it open Internet Explorer… I want that these screens disappear…so no interaction with the user (because user , sometimes, don’t know their UPN…)… Read more »

Mr Tbone
Mr Tbone

I have used this and it works great!
But now I´m facing a new problem I´ve not seen before.
The company has msi installation of Office 2013.
There is lots of different versions of the onedrive for business client. These clients has created a onedrive with 4 different names depending on version when created.
Onedrive – Company
Onedrive — Company
Onedrive for business
Onedrive för företag
When running onedrivesetup /configure_business:GUID on the ones with “Onedrive for business” and “onedrive för företag”. It doesn´t upgrade silently, it starts a parallel sync. and the old client still active on the client.
Ever seen this and have a solution?


thank you! works great, exactly what I needed