Slowly but surely, the Office 365 dev team is adding reporting functionality to their platform, to the delight of admins and managers alike. For admins it means a lot less scripts to write, for managers it means knowing….stuff.

One report I missed was a report that tells me when users last logged on. Because if I have thousands of users, and they all consume licenses….I’d very much like to strip licenses from users that haven’t logged in since x amount of time.

Especially for companies with geographically dispersed users and inefficient exit procedures, this can save a lot of licensing costs over time.

My report was built in Powershell, and will check the last time the mailbox was accessed to determine the last logon date, this is not perfect, as I can image some organisations use specific licenses just for skype or dynamics, they will not benefit as much from this script, but in 99% of the times it should suffice 🙂

The script will list the user UPN, Name, Last Logon, Creation Date, Usage Location, Mailbox Size and Used Licenses.

Download: LicReport365_v0.5


#LicReport365 v0.5
#Copyright: Free to use, please leave this header intact
#Author: Jos Lieben (OGD)
#Company: OGD (
#Script help:
#Purpose: Create a CSV report detailing license usage in your tenant 
#MS Online Services Signin Assistant:
#Azure AD Module (x64):
#v0.3: changed all variables to objects in a collection, added auto detection of list seperator
#v0.4: added ActualUse column (licensed users that actually logged in) and mailbox size to the report
#v0.5: added a time remaining calculation


$o365login = $Null #Username of O365 Admin, will prompt if left empty
$o365pw = $Null #Password of O365 Admin, will prompt if left empty
$report_folder = "c:\temp\" #don't forget the trailing \
$delimiter = $Null #CSV column delimiter, uses your local settings if not configured
$version = "v0.5"
$report_file = Join-Path -path $report_folder -childpath "LicReport365_$($version)_$(Get-Date -format dd_MM_yyyy).csv"

#Set delimiter based on user localized settings if not configured
if($delimiter -eq $Null) {
 $delimiter = (Get-Culture).TextInfo.ListSeparator

#A nice pause function that works in any PS version
function Pause{
 Read-Host 'Press any key to continue...' | Out-Null

#Start script
Write-Host "-----$(Get-Date) LicReport365 $version running on $($env:COMPUTERNAME) as $($env:USERNAME)-----`n" -ForegroundColor Green

#Prompt for login if not defined
if($o365login -eq $Null -or $o365pw -eq $Null){
 $o365Cred = Get-Credential -Message "Please enter your Office 365 credentials"
 $o365Cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($o365login, (ConvertTo-SecureString $o365pw -AsPlainText -Force))

Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 0 -Status "Loading modules..."
#Load O365/Azure module
$env:PSModulePath += ";C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\"
 Import-Module MSOnline
 Write-Error "CRITICAL ERROR: unable to load Azure AD module, please install the latest version:"
 Write-Verbose ""

Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 0 -Status "Connecting to Office 365..."
#connect to MSOL
 Connect-MsolService -Credential $o365Cred
 Write-Error "CRITICAL ERROR: unable to connect to O365, check your credentials"

Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 0 -Status "Setting up remote session to Exchange Online..."
#connect to Exchange Online
$EOsession = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $o365Cred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection Import-PSSession $EOsession

Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 0 -Status "Fetching license information..."
#store available licenses
$licenses = Get-MsolAccountSku
#add a property that will be incremented to count total usage of this license
$licenses | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "ReallyUsed" -Value 0

Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 0 -Status "Beginning data collection..."
$starttime = Get-Date
#write header for report
ac $report_file "Results"

#Array that will hold the results
$colUsers = @()

$done = 0
#loop over all Office 365 users
$users = get-msoluser -All
$totalUsers = $users.Count
foreach ($user in $users) {
 #Build an object per user
 $colUser = New-Object System.Object
 if($done -eq 0 -or $totalUsers -eq 0 -or $pct_done -eq 0){
 $pct_done = 0.1
 $pct_done = ($done/$totalUsers)*100
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name UserPrincipalName -Value $user.UserPrincipalName
 $runtime = ((Get-Date) - $starttime).TotalSeconds
 $timeleft = ((100/$pct_done)*$runtime)-$runtime
 Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete ($pct_done) -Status "Processing: $($colUser.UserPrincipalName)" -SecondsRemaining $timeleft
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name Name -Value $user.DisplayName.Replace($delimiter," ")
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name UserCreatedOn -Value $user.WhenCreated
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name UsageLocation -Value $user.UsageLocation
 $last_logon = $Null
 $mbx_info = get-mailboxstatistics -Identity $colUser.UserPrincipalName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -WarningAction SilentlyContinue | Select LastLogonTime,TotalItemSize
 if ($mbx_info.LastLogonTime -eq $null){ 
 $last_logon = "Never" 
 $last_logon = $mbx_info.LastLogonTime 
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name LastExchangeLogon -Value $last_logon
 if($mbx_info.TotalItemSize -ne $Null){
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name MailboxSize -Value ([math]::Round(($mbx_info.TotalItemSize.ToString().Split("(")[1].Split(" ")[0].Replace(",","")/1MB),0))
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name MailboxSize -Value $Null
 $lic_string = $Null
 #Convert all licenses this user has to one string (so it fits one cell)
 foreach($license in $user.Licenses){
 if($lic_string -eq $Null) {
 $lic_string = $license.AccountSkuId
 $lic_string = "$($lic_string) $($license.AccountSkuId)"
 #increment really used property of this license
 if($colUser.LastExchangeLogon -ne "Never"){
 ($licenses | where-object{$_.AccountSkuId -eq $license.AccountSkuId}).ReallyUsed++
 $colUser | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name Licenses -Value $lic_string
 $colUsers += $colUser
$EOsession | remove-pssession

Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 99 -Status "Writing results to output file...."

#Write license overview to CSV
 ac $report_file "LicReport365 $version"
 ac $report_file ""
 ac $report_file "Overview of available licenses"
 Write-Error "CRITICAL ERROR: unable to write to $report_file"
ac $report_file "Type$($delimiter)Total$($delimiter)Assigned$($delimiter)ActualUse$($delimiter)Free"
foreach($license in $licenses){
 ac $report_file "$($license.AccountSkuId)$($delimiter)$($license.ActiveUnits)$($delimiter)$($license.ConsumedUnits)$($delimiter)$($license.ReallyUsed)$($delimiter)$($license.ActiveUnits-$license.ConsumedUnits)"

ac $report_file ""
#Build CSV header
$header = $Null
$colUsers | get-member -type NoteProperty | % {
 $header += "$($_.Name)$delimiter"
ac $report_file $header

#Build CSV results
$colUsers | % {
 $a = $_
 $line = $Null
 $a | get-member -MemberType NoteProperty | % {
 $line += "$($a.($_.Name))$delimiter"
 ac $report_file $line


Write-Progress -Activity "Running report...." -PercentComplete 100 -Status "Task complete!" -Completed
Write-Host "Report complete: $report_file" -ForegroundColor Green


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4 years ago

Worked like charm, great script to get the report of all licenses.

8 years ago

Getting the following when running your script

Import-PSSession : No command proxies have been created, because all of the requested remote commands would shadow
existing local commands. Use the AllowClobber parameter if you want to shadow existing local commands.
At C:\ps\LicReport365_v0.5.ps1:77 char:1
+ Import-PSSession $EOsession
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidResult: (:) [Import-PSSession], ArgumentException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ErrorNoCommandsImportedBecauseOfSkipping,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportPSSessionCo