OneDriveMapper released!

Map your OneDrive for Business to a driveletter automatically!

Imagine the following scenario: you get an awesome offer from Microsoft; unlimited, free storage in OneDrive for all your students!

You immediately sign the deal, and scrap all plans to invest in a new fileserver to replace your currently overflowing¬†fileserver containing all student’s data.

Your students work on various self-owned (BYOD) or school-owned devices, so the OneDrive for Business Client is a perfect tool to keep their ¬†files in sync across all their devices. But they also need to work on your Citrix or Remote Desktop farm….and they also need their files there. What happens if your students all start syncing their OneDrive folder each time they log in? If you can imagine the result, you’ll probably really like OneDriveMapper!

What does it do?

  • Runs at logon (group policy, RES, etc)
  • Maps your OneDrive for Business to a local driveletter
  • No Sync, online WebDav connection
  • Connects seamlessly without user interaction (ADFS)
  • Prompts for user password (only once) if needed
  • Automatic retries
  • Automatic Provisioning (with timeout)
  • Detailed / configurable logging
  • Can be modified to also map Sharepoint locations

To download the script and read the installation instructions, check out OneDriveMapper

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Steve T
Steve T
8 years ago


Awesome script works like a champ. You mentioned something about running it in group policy, but I can find where you talk about it. Could you point me in the right direction?