Commercial Use

I am a great believer in the power of open source and an open community where content is shared, peer reviewed and improved continuously.

Therefore, all my scripts / solutions are free to use for personal, non-commercial use.

Commercial Use, in this context, means using my work as part of a service or product that is being paid for by someone.

For example:

  • a managed service provider that uses my scripts in their customer environments
  • a global IT organization that handles IT for subsidiaries, for which they are compensated
  • a software company that (re)uses (parts of) my scripts in their commercial software or internal tools used to help paying customers
  • situations where my scripts are used in migrations or conversions for paid products or services
  • a staffing company, where their staff implements my scripts at customer sites where the customer pays (directly or indirectly) for their hours
  • IT contractors that implement my solutions for their customers

This is where my work helps create monetary value, and where I feel it is fair to ask for a (small) piece of the pie to support future work, improvements, advice, support, etc etc.

If you use my scripts in a commercial organization, but you actually work directly for that organization and do not charge that organization for usage of my work in any way, it is not considered Commercial Use as per my terms as you do not make money off my work.

Therefore, if you wish to use any of my work in a commercial context as defined above, this is the yearly fee per user in Euro’s:

This applies to all current and future work published publicly on this blog. So you only pay one fee for everything I’ve ever published.

For (verified) NGO’s and educational institutions, a 75% discount may be added.

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