O365Migrator v0.92 beta release

Version 0.92 of O365Migrator is now available as a free download, this version has not yet been tested thoroughly.

What was changed?

  • Retry support of failed folders or files
  • Export of failed items to XML file so you can edit the file before retrying
  • Ignore list of root folders is now specified in the config of the main script file and passed down
  • Precise display of total number of failed items in UI
  • Bug fixed: items that were checked out could not be overwritten

You can find the new versionĀ here.

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7 years ago

Hi, Thanks for a great tool.

Was transferring with this new version, and noticed that some folders were skipped because it was in the folderIgnoreList.
This was folders with following names:
Data, NO, Desktop, Templates, SK, PL, DA, temp.

The folder ignorelist variable was unchanged:
$folderIgnoreList = “Non-Migrateable,Application Data,My Oce Printer Driver Templates,Desktop,Windows” #top level folders to ignore, seperate with a comma

Seems it has some trouble reading the list correctly?

7 years ago

Hello, love your tool, it’s the best free way I have found. i’m testing it now trying to move some data to share point. Experiencing some errors, are you interested in any feedback? I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a use error. Thanks