As an addon for the popular O365Datacleaner, O365BulkDatacleaner can be used to automatically run as many instances of O365Datacleaner at the same time.

The script requires the original O365Datacleaner script and a CSV file with the folders that need to be made compliant with Onedrive for Business.


  1. Download O365BulkDataCleaner_v1.05.ps1
  2. Download O365Datacleaner
  3. Unzip both PS1 files into the same folder
  4. Create a CSV file with the paths to the folders to be cleaned and the usernames (example file: homedirs_example_CSV)
  5. Make sure you used “;” as the seperator in your CSV file, or edit line 21 of O365BulkDatacleaner_v1.05
  6. Ensure you have permissions on all folders in the CSV file
  7. Open an Elevated Powershell Window and browse to the PS1 files
  8. Run O365BulkDatacleaner_v1.05:
  9. O365Datacleaner_step1
  10. O365Datacleaner_step2
  11. If issues were reported, you can find them in the log file you specified.


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