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OneDriveMapper v1.9 released

Version 1.9 of OneDriveMapper now supports a feature you’ve all been requesting a lot: builtin support for mapping Sharepoint Document Libraries!

It also has greatly enhanced session handling and full support for devices that have been Workplace Joined instead of domain joined.

Get the new version here

OneDriveMapper V1.8 released

Version 1.8 of OneDriveMapper will now automatically detect your OneDrive URL, instead of using your login name. This is useful in scenario’s where someone’s username changes. Microsoft does not change the OneDrive for business URL when the username changes, which would cause mappings made based on the login to fail. This often happened when IT staff changed a usename because a user got married.

The login detection and process has also been made more efficient, and broken driveletters are now automatically deleted.

Get the new version here

OneDriveMapper V1.6 released

Version 1.6 of OneDriveMapper will now persistently label your drive, previously it would not remember the label if the registry keys for this setting did not roam with your profile.

Thanks to Mark R, who reported the issue, the script can now also properly show popups requesting a password when run as a hidden window by Group Policy.

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