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OnedriveMapper v3.06 released!

Version 3.06 of OneDriveMapper has been released!

  • userLookupMode 6 added, which displays a full and customizable login form to the user which asks for username and password
  • added user login caching for userLookupMode 1 and 2, so the script won’t fail if the user is roaming away from a DC and the login is cached
  • fixed a reference to my test domain in Azure AD PassThrough (
  • fixed a crash when ADFS denies the request in native mode (now properly falls back to IE auth mode if allowed)
  • first basic support for Azure AD SSO

Get the new version here

OnedriveMapper V3 public release

Dear OnedriveMapper users,

I’m finally convinced after the help of a large number of beta testers and other supporters that I can release OnedriveMapper V3 to the general public. I don’t expect it to work in all situations, things like MFA and Okta are not yet supported, but I believe it will benefit the majority.

OnedriveMapper V3 features a new authentication mode (‘native mode’), in which authentication takes mere seconds, improving mapping speed on average by a factor 10 or higher. In addition, OnedriveMapper can automatically switch between both authentication modes if one fails, making it far more robust.

Please check the full changelog to verify compatibility of the changes with your environment, and test carefully before deploying in production.

And thanks to those who provided me with Teamviewer access to their unique environments and/or feedback to help make OnedriveMapper the best free product to map your Onedrive for Business or Sharepoint Online libraries to a driveletter.

Get it here

ADFS SmartLink for OnedriveMapper

ADFS SmartLinks are very useful tools to get your user signed into a service super quickly. As of version 3.02, OnedriveMapper supports these links for both IE and Native authentication mode.

I wrote an article on how to create an ADFS smartlink for the Intune portal once, that should get you started, but point your smartlink to “https://{YOUR TENANT NAME}”.

Then configure $adfsSmartLink in OnedriveMapper with your ADFS SmartLink. OnedriveMapper should then immediately get logged into Onedrive For Business, reducing logon delays by seconds or more depending on the auth method you’re using.

Onedrivemapper V3 beta

As of today, V3 of OnedriveMapper is in testing. It features an auto-updater and does native (no internet explorer) authentication.

The auto updater only works for OnedriveMapper Cloud beta testers, after beta OnedriveMapper Cloud will probably be a service where you can manage / control all OnedriveMapper settings as configurations for your organisation(s) centrally. OnedriveMapper Cloud comes as both a ps1 and msi version.

If you’d like to try OnedriveMapper Cloud, contact me.

OnedriveMapper v2.53 released!

Version 2.53 of OneDriveMapper has been released!

  • Updated to work with changes in MS’s backend
  • Better handling of AzureAD SSO Preview

This morning I received reports that the O4B mapping was failing, but SpO ones weren’t. Digging into this I noticed that if I attempted to map the moment the script hits O4B, it did work, so OnedriveMapper now handles the timing a bit different to work with the changes Microsoft made on their end.

Get the new version here

OnedriveMapper v2.51, AADConnect SSO workaround

Hi all, I’ve just posted v2.51, which has a workaround for the Preview Version of SSO in Azure AD Connect that some people have reported not working with OnedriveMapper.

It took me a while to reproduce the issue, but v2.51 now works with Azure AD Connect SSO as long as you do not configure the 2 intranet URL’s through GPO. OnedriveMapper will handle the SSO sites in your local intranet for you, and will still prompt the user for a password once and then cache it.

I’ve got a call with Microsoft to assist on why AADConnect SSO does not generate a persistent cookie, so full compatibility may come in the future.


  • detect and log OS and IE version, only check for relevant KB if necessary
  • semi-compatible with Azure AD Connect SSO (bypass)

Get it here

OnedriveMapper v2.50 released!

Version 2.50 of OneDriveMapper has been released!

  • Less ‘in your face’ progress display
  • timestamped logging
  • automatically prevent IE firstrun wizard from making the script hang
  • Powershell 2 friendly version check
  • also do SSO attempt at userlookupmode 1 and 2 if offered
  • Log errors if AADConnect Preview SSO is set

Get the new version here

Running OnedriveMapper from a shortcut

In some cases, your users might not want to use OnedriveMapper as a logon script, but want to manually start it, or both.

Powershell execution policy, and generally the complexity involved for most users in starting scripts can be avoided by building a ‘smart’ shortcut to the script with the following line as the ‘target’:

%SystemRoot%\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -WindowStyle Hidden -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File “C:\Program Files (x86)\\OnedriveMapper\OnedriveMapper_v2.45.ps1”

Obviously you’ll have to modify the path used there 🙂