OnedriveMapper v3.12 release!

Version 3.12 of OneDriveMapper has been released:

  • First attempt to support new sign in method in IE mode
  • First attempt to support new sign in method in native mode
  • Azure AD PassThrough not working yet
  • The version on GitLab will change frequently as I fix issues that come up, check the commits if you want to ensure you have the latest
  • if you have issues on the latest version, please check the FAQ and submit Fiddler logs and/or provide a VM with remote access to me
  • Update: Azure AD SSO working in latest GitLab commit

Note that your region may not yet have been transitioned to the new signin method Microsoft is implementing.

Get the new version here

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Peter H

Hi Jos, thanks for all your hard work yesterday amending the script as quick as you did; had no end of complaints and headaches from our guys! Just implemented your latest version this morning and happy to report it’s running sweet as a nut! Thanks again.

Morten Wiingreen
Hi Jos, I have a problem with OneDrive Mapper at the moment. I keep getting this error in the script since thursday last week. We have been using the script for a long time wothout any problems at all. I am using teh new 3.12 just downloaded.. ERROR: detected string error 224 in return code of net use command, this usually means your trusted sites are misconfigured or KB2846960 is missing ailed to contact O: after mapping it to \\\DavWWWRoot\personal\mow_gasagroup_com\Documents, check if the URL is valid. Error: Access Denied. Before opening files in this location, you must first add the… Read more »

We are using this in group policy and it works great. however, we are trying to implement it using deep freeze where the person gets a fresh profile every time they login which causes the script to take several minutes to run. is there any way to speed it up? I have it running as a regular script in group policy not the powershell script. I am using the v3.13. Thank you for any information you can provide.


I have the following in a login script but it still shows the window, it is not hidden. am I missing something?

-executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle hidden -file \\systemcenter\sourcedata$\Applications\OneDriveMapper\OneDriveMapper.ps1

thank you for your assistance. I love the onedrivemapper 🙂

Eric Redegeld

Hi Jos, again compliments for your hard work. A question is it possible the activate, the shared folder in onedrivemapper. no when a collegae shared a folder, i dont see this in de onedrivemapper.

Hi Jos, Firstly thanks for the script! It’s been a huge help for our users. I’ve recently switched to pass through auth, so we’re not quite back up to full speed yet, though we are still having the onedrive mapped via the username/password prompts. However, it seems users that hot desk get asked for login credentials each time the script runs when they log on, even though the username/password seems to be happily stored in their appdata OneDriveMapper.tmp & OneDriveMapper.tmp2 files. is this to be expected, or is something amiss? 11/22/2017 14:05:15 | ERROR | Failed to retrieve user login… Read more »

Hi Jos,
We are working with Citrix farm and the code executed successfully on Xenapp 7.15 Citrix . But for the on XenApp 6 Citrix farm we are facing the following issue.
Errror: Failed to contact X after mapping it to the OneDrive url.Check if the url is valid.
Error :system error 1790 has occurred. the network logon failed
Please could you help us to identify the issue.


Maverick Luk

Some users fail mount one drive.
11/21/2017 15:34:31 | WARNING | no KMSI prompt even though we expected one
I guess it is due to can’t Keep Me Sign In. Microsoft changed to new sign in method. Problem users login in browser, no KMSI windows popup.
Do you know how to fix it?

Marius van den Berg
Thank you for your update! Is the Dutch region transitioned to the new signing method? We’ve got the following problem: INFO | Waited for 160 seconds for O4b auto provisioning… INFO | Waited for 170 seconds for O4b auto provisioning… INFO | Waited for 180 seconds for O4b auto provisioning… ERROR | Failed to auto provision onedrive and/or retrieve username from the response URL. Is this user licensed? INFO | Will attempt to use auto-guessed value of \\\DavWWWRoot\personal\mberg_pj_nl\Documents INFO | Waited for 190 seconds for O4b auto provisioning… INFO | Onedrive cookie loop finished, mapping drive… INFO | Mapping target:… Read more »


at the first login OneDriveMapper asks for a password. can this also be done without entering a password?

Hielke van Braak

Can you send me a configuration how i can configure multiple mappings based on security groups? I tried what you say in the script bur it don’t work, no errors nothing in %APPDATA%


Hi Jos,

Been using this gr8 script and working great but
have now had to download the new versio as portal change but getting same error as 3.10 since yesterday.
“Mapping cannot continue because we could not log in to office 365”
assuming this is because of the 365 portal change.
Do i need to do something different to new script?
Logon set to “6” but not getting option to enter details although im assuming this will be after the above works

thanks in advance