OnedriveMapper IE mode deprecation notice

Update: Microsoft has delayed the new Sign in experience until the end of October.

As posted in an earlier update, Microsoft has redesigned the user experience around the Office 365 (and Azure) login process.

Only two weeks at most remain until this experience will be mandatory, according to above link.

I’ve take a long look at the new experience and have not found a good method to implement this in the IE sign-in method of OnedriveMapper.

This means that the moment Microsoft disables the old sign-in experience, the IE sign-in method of OnedriveMapper will be effectively deprecated.

I expect Native auth mode will continue to function, and if that is also affected, will be fixed quickly. Native auth requires: 

  • Powershel v3 or higher
  • No MFA enabled on accounts
  • No unsupported 3rd party identity providers
    • Okta, for example, refused to help so I couldn’t fix support for that
    • Others are always on a best effort basis

See the FAQ for details on how to debug native auth if it doesn’t work out of the box

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Hi Jos, we are an RMUnify subscriber and use ie mode in the mapper script. If I switchover to native mode, will RMUnify SSO be supported?


Hi Jos –
I’ve been trying to debug an issue with native mode but need some guidance resolving the following error:

Unable to find user realm due to Exception calling “GetResponse” with “0” argument(s): “The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.”

Any ideas?


Rob Nicholson
Thanks for continuing to work with this despite Microsoft making it harder! My main client makes extensive use of Office 365 groups but still prefers to work with File Explorer against the document library. I’ve written a PS script to map network locations that works fine assuming they have authenticated first, i.e. opened up *any* document library in file explorer. I’m working through your script to see if one can automate the authentication side to make it a little bit easier. I know that Microsoft are hell bent on making you work through the browser, but that’s just not practical… Read more »

Hi Jos,
We use a modified version of your excellent script for OneDrive mapping. I’m surprised that the sign-on experience change to have separate username and password pages has completely deprecated the IE mode. I know you had a long look at it but could you elaborate on why this breaks IE mode? Can the username not be sent for the first page and then the password sent for the second page when that appears? Or are there more changes at work here.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jos,
I have been using your script at a number of client sites now that are fully azure AD joined. IE auth made for a nice SSO experience, but the native mode still asks for the office365 password. Any outlook on when AzureAD sso for nativemode is supported?

Vinicius Farah

How can I tell if I use IE10 for mapping?


Hello Jos, I’m pretty new here, just downloaded the script. Quick question – would it support mapping sharepoint team sites based on group memberships?