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12 Comments on "OnedriveMapper v3.09 released!"

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Thanks for the update! Works like a charm! Question… some of our users leave their computer on for days without restarting and the OneDrive connection times out. Is there anyway to change the timeout policy or have the script run on a set time everyday?


We successfully map our users OneDrive to a drive letter on their PC’s – great. Whenever the user tries to open an OneDrive document they are prompted to “Sign in” to Word/Excel etc. If you close the login prompt without logging in, eventually the document opens. Edit the document and save; the “Sign In” prompt returns and can be ignored 3-7 times and you can save to the mapped drive.

Does this script allow automatic sign in to Office 2016 applications?

We have moved our Office 365 domain from a Federated (3rd party managed) model to Standard in-house Synchronized identities. Thanks


Just wanted to say thank you for the update, we were experiencing some issues with our pilot but looks like we are now good to go


thx, with the new version it´s working again

I’m currently having issues with the credential side of things. I am prompted 3 times every time i run the script to put in the password. Even when I null out $pwdcache the issue is the same, although when set to Null, It should prompt for Password INFO | Retrieved user password from cache ERROR | There was an issue while trying to log in during attempt 1 INFO | Sign in option persistence selected INFO | Retrieved user password from cache INFO | asking user for password INFO | Stored user’s new password to user password cache file Error… Read more »

Works great here too.
Is it correct that a $domain does not need to be entered anymore? I don’t see it in the script and we have multiple O365 domains in our tenant. Tested it with one of our domains and it connects fine.